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The Carson Kolzig Foundation is a nonprofit, community based organization in Tri-Cities, Washington, dedicated to education and resources for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.



Your gift to the Carson Kolzig Foundation is an investment in hope for local families coping with the challenges of autism.


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demoThe CKF Responding to Autism Center provides a centralized location where autism services are available to the community. Check out what is going to at the RTA Center! Click HERE for more information!



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The Mission of the Carson Kolzig Foundation

Enhance Autism Treatment Resources in the Tri Cities

Underwrite costs of services/treatment for kids and families affected by autism. Sponsor seminars or training that benefit kids and families affected by autism. Provide capital resources to help bring an autism treatment resource to the Tri-Cities.

Educate and Equip the Community About Autism

Sponsor seminars or training that benefit educators affected by autism. Provide education and support forum to the Tri Cities community through an annual autism conference.

Empower Families Challenged by Autism

Outreach gesture for families who receive new diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Provide annual outings that allow autistic kids and families to have a day of fun in a safe and appropriate setting.



  • The Carson Kolzig Foundation has been in existence since 2004 and has hosted the annual Olie and Stu’s Desert Bash since 2000. This foundation has raised over $1,000,000 in resources for autism education and program services throughout the region. The Carson Kolzig Foundation strives to empower and equip families and professionals with physical and emotional resources necessary to address the ongoing needs of children and families facing the challenges of autism.
  • The Responding to Autism Center has been open since March of 2010 and has already provided service to over 100 Tri City Families
  • Statistics demonstrate that autism affects approximately 1 out of 88 children and adults in the U.S. population. 
  • Many activities are free such as parent services, autism workshops and education seminars. All made possible due to local fundraising efforts.
  • Sibling groups, parent and family support groups are all available to families at no charge.
  • A parent resource coordinator and lending library are available to assist parents navigate the journey of having a child with autism.
  • Autism screenings are also made available at exceptionally low cost helping families determine for certain whether their child may be on the autism spectrum.

It is estimated that services and therapies for a child on the autism spectrum cost between $30,000-$80,000 per year.  All services at the Responding to Autism Center are offered on a sliding scale as well as full scholarship programs for families that qualify.


For more information, please call the CKF Responding to Autism Center at (509) 396-9230 or visit www.respondingtoautism.net



The Carson Kolzig Foundation is a non-profit charity recognized in the State of Washington. #20-0665249





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